Self-responsibility will save you

I may not have an innate quality of speaking to people as they speak to themselves, but seeing things in a simpler fashion does it alright for me. I see that if you understand the problem better than most people, it makes it seem that you cannot speak the common language as everyone else does. [...]

Heroically sort yourself without help

They say you attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are. If you are a magnet of what you attract, it better be success or else. You can think of negative thoughts and invite many events that carry the same energetic vibrations, or be positive to get what you have [...]

My obsession for impossible goals

In a world view sense, The Fool represents the state of liminality when trying to achieve goals. You first have to understand that having unplanned and uninvited goals in the beginning, spirals down onto our confined frame which makes them relatively easy to achieve, but hard to sustain. You know why? Everyone and everything is competing for our attention. [...]

Rap’s my unconventional creative success

During my earlier days of teenagehood, I was into rap on a whole different level than my peers. I collected digital albums I downloaded from my phone, listened to lyricists who gave me an eargasm experience. For there are different rappers, there were different situations accompanied with their cultural backgrounds and their contextualised epiphanies I [...]