No need to suffer again

Hi. Quote “Your moral obligation is to take care of your most prized possession on this earth: your body.” By Jack LaLanne. Oh boy! I am a re-beginner in lifting weights, yet again. This is not about how I do not plan to decide against my fruitful benefits like a saboteur, it is about being […]

Decide to choose for yourself

Hi. The morning light on a gloomy day, I did wake up early before from my slumber to see daybreak. Then I passed out again for this once. Decided to let time to naturally flow off, finding it easy to be happy to skip breakfast than instinctively eating. Whereas sleeping early to waking up early […]

The wrong person is alive

Hi. It is said that to meeting the right person at the wrong time or wrong place, makes it the wrong person. Well, I cannot agree more. Whoever understood it, holds more balance in this crazy world. I spent some thinking, and it changed nothing at all regarding about this wrong person. Instead of overthinking […]

Returned to writing it out

Hi. I am in amoral for unborn art. Though how certain will natural talents build up the satisfaction of what the world needs, and what would be the adversary to achieving it? Well, delivering that answer to you little by little might take time as the truth is not easily explained under a day’s worth. […]

For the past 5 months

I’d love to be the center of the universe than go to a party. I took some of the work with me to have fun, but truth of the matter… IT. IS. HOT. I’d been wanting to be back on my old routine. During the festivities, the ambience of this place can get smarmy. I […]

Walking backwards to memory lanes

While everybody seemed happy, I was probably nihilistic about the fake relevance that people from high school would possess. They have had always been confident but competent. I do not hate any of the cool kids, in fact, I was friends with one. Now, my friend is not as lethargic as everyone else I might […]